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Each of the sixty-three rooms, cottages and bungalows are a home of their own. The majority have full kitchens, sitting areas or living rooms, some have formal dining rooms, balconies and private terraces. The scale is gracious from a long gone era, perfect for hosting an impromptu party-thick soundproof walls-(after all the hotel was built as the first earthquake proof building in LA) ensure privacy. There is a simple perfection to these spaces, elegant simplicity, and room to move-the white curtains billow seductively with the softest of breezes. The balconies offer the perfect perch for looking out or being above it all- with views reaching from the
wide panorama of the spreading city to the twinkling lights of tinsel town, down the pulsing beat of sunset strip and deep into lush green of the hotel garden.

At night one can unwind to the soporific lullaby of gentle conversation, laughter and clinking glasses wafting up from below through an open window or drift into a deep and sentient sleep in the deep luxe of sheets simultaneously soft and crisp head cradled by the most perfect pillow. This is dreamland.